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What are Daily Positive Affirmations?

What Are Daily Positive Affirmations?

It’s one of the most common questions we often get here at Life Attraction Planners; “What are daily positive affirmations?”.

I use daily affirmations every day as part of my routine to manifest and attract the people, experiences and results I want. Do they work? Most definitely.

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to phrase your positive affirmations.

Let’s first understand the definition of affirmations and then we’ll look at how to create them.

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Affirmations: A Definition’s definition of “affirmation” is as follows:

the assertion that something exists or is true

An affirmation is the truth as you see and believe it.

The process of saying daily positive affirmations is a method of stating what you want in your future life as if it exists right now.

Let’s say you are not at your ideal weight right now. You can create and say a daily positive affirmation describing you as if you are at your ideal weight right now.

An example affirmation might be “I enjoy living a healthy life at my ideal weight”

You are stating a future reality as if it exists now.

That’s quick the answer to ”What are daily positive affirmations?”.

However, if you want to truly understand how to create your own affirmations, read on and we’ll explain everything in 9 easy to follow steps.

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9 Steps to Create Your Daily Positive Affirmations

So, now you know an affirmation is a statement that something is true, and we use affirmations to make statements about our future life as if they are true TODAY.

By saying these positive phrases on a daily basis, you are training your subconscious mind to see and believe a new reality. You are showing your subconscious mind what you want to create in your life such as new house, better job or vibrant health.

In turn, your subconscious helps you focus on the person you need to be to attract these things into your life. Your actions, thoughts and mindset will change over time to match this new reality.

Affirmations are cornerstone of the Law of Attraction which states we attract into our lives what we think about and focus on most of the time.

Affirmations help train your thoughts to focus on a positive future.

This technique is used by sports stars, business people and celebrities to visualize their successes and achievements before they achieve them.

Follow these 9 simple steps:

  1. Use the power of “I Am”
  2. Stay in the present
  3. Be positive
  4. Make it short and sweet
  5. Be specific
  6. Include an action
  7. Use feelings and emotions
  8. Be aware of your needs
  9. Create your affirmation habit

Let’s start with Step 1 …

Step 1: Use the Power of “I Am”

An affirmation that begins with “I am” automatically focuses on you and is in the present tense. The phrase “I am” is a popular way to start an affirmation.

In fact, Louise Hay, a much-loved personal development author and speaker has much to share about affirmations and the use of “I am”.

Visit our collection of Louise Hay YouTube videos to learn more.

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Step 2: Stay in the Present

All your affirmations must be in the present tense.

One of the reasons it is recommended you use “I am” is the statement forces you into the present tense. You don’t want to be using phrases such as “I will”, “I want” or “I hope to”. These statements point to a future which may or may not happen.

You want to be in the present when you say your affirmations.

Step 3: Be Positive

The more positive you can be with your affirmations the better. The future you are creating in your mind such as better health, better job or meeting your soulmate must be a positive experience that excites you.

Writing “I am not as tired as I used to be” is (very!) negative and uninspiring.

Writing “I am filled with energy every day” is a much better way of seeing your energy levels.

Step 4: Make it Short and Sweet

Writing an essay for each affirmation is not your goal. You want to write short, vibrant phrases that inspire you. You will be saying these are phrases each day and you don’t want it to be a chore or take too long.

Keeping your affirmations short makes you think about what is it that you really want.

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Step 5: Be Specific

The more specific you are, the more powerful your affirmations. They are more personal and include statements that will motivate and excite you.

“I am happy” is a nice thing to say and perhaps for some people is more than specific enough. It is a powerful phrase, no doubt at all.

However, there may be something you can add to the statement.

“I am happy with my soulmate and the life we have created together”

“I am happy with my new company car, a brand-new Corvette”

Be more specific when you can and if it adds extra meaning to your affirmation.

Step 6: Include an Action

To increase the energy of your affirmations, include an action or a “doing” phrase.

Some affirmations are simply expressing a state of being. Phrases such as “I am happy”. These are not active or filled with energy, but they are powerful in their own way.

However, it is always worth considering adding an action. Our Corvette example from Step 5 could become:

“I am happy as I drive my Corvette on the ocean road with the wind in my hair”

This is more active than the example in Step 5.

Try to make each affirmation as active as possible and you will find you are energized after you say your affirmations each day.

Step 7: Use Feelings and Emotions

Being positive is both a state of mind and a feeling.

One of the ways to increase the power of your affirmations is to include emotions and feelings that you see yourself having in your future life.

So, with our new car affirmation you could choose phrases such as …

“I am insanely happy as I drive my Corvette …”

“I am thrilled as I drive my Corvette …”

Use emotions and feelings that make sense to you.

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Step 8: Be Aware of Your Needs

As a rule, affirmations that are general in nature and could be said by anyone have a limited effect.

For instance, “I am healthy” is very general and is likely to be a state we all wish to have.

While you want to be specific in your phrase you also need to make sure it is your phrase in your voice. Sometimes we think and do what other people want us to do, rather than making our own choices. Affirmations are no different.

If you want to swim rather than go to the gym to get healthy and fit, then make your affirmation about swimming. This is about you, not them.

Step 9: Create Your Affirmation Habit

Once you have a collection of 5-10 affirmations about the future life you wish to attract, you need to set a time and place to say your affirmations out loud.

Picking a time in the morning or evening works well for many people. Make sure you have the peace and quiet to say each affirmation out loud. Smile and say each phrase with as much positive energy as you can – even if you don’t feel like doing so.

We have a few articles to help you create the best affirmations possible.

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We also have a free downloadable, worksheet explaining how to create a habit that will stick.

Free Printable “Change a Habit” Template (PDF)

In Summary – What Are Daily Positive Affirmations?

In this article we’ve defined the term affirmation and given you a 9-step process for creating meaningful phrases to imagine and create your future life.

The next step is up to you!

Read our other affirmation articles for more tips and tricks and create the life of your dreams.

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