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Top 10 Wayne Dyer YouTube Videos

Top 10 Wayne Dyer YouTube Videos

Enjoy this collection of our favorite 10 Wayne Dyer YouTube videos.

Wayne Dyer was a tremendously influential author, speaker and visionary in the self-help movement. His 1976 book “Your Erroneous Zones” is reported to have sold over 100 million copies.

He passed away on August 29, 2105 at the age of 75. He leaves a rich legacy of work for us to enjoy and give gratitude for.

Bestselling Wayne Dyer books include:

This collection of Wayne Dyer YouTube videos is over 7 hours in length.

Many of these videos are over 1 hour long. Make the time and space to choose a few of them and enjoy the wisdom and thoughts of Wane Dyer.

Our Favorite Wayne Dyer YouTube Videos

All videos are between 6 minutes and 2 hours in length.

We find it can help to re-watch a video a couple of times to really take in the wisdom.

Bookmark this page and return for regular inspiration!

How to start a new life Wayne Dyer

Duration: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

Wayne starts by talking about success, achievement and performance and how this is labelled by society as things to be attained.

He talks about the emptiness of life once these goals are achieved. A lack of fulfillment you might say.

Instead , what would it be like to live your life as a work of art? A masterpiece that is constantly evolving.

Wayne takes you on that journey ….

Manifestation Miracle Quiz 2

The Shift – Wayne Dyer

Duration: 2 Hours

“The Afternoon of Life” is not lived the same way as the morning. The second half of our life is one of different perception, priorities and intention.

An interview with Wayne Dyer carefully arranged alongside a drama of people whose lives are affected by the principles outlined in the film.

This drama helps illuminate the thoughts and principles very well.

Watch this for a different type film exploring the subject of self-improvement.

Dr Wayne Dyer – 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep – Positive Affirmations – Wayne Dyer Meditation

Duration: 6 Minutes 40 Seconds

Our shortest video in this collection.

Consciously choose to use the 5 minutes before your sleep to think of life affirming, grateful thoughts. Program your subconscious mind to think of positive thoughts, filled with gratitude.

Take thoughts from your meditation and think of them before you sleep.

Do not make your negative thoughts your last thoughts of the day.

manifesting miracle life

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place

Duration: 14 Minutes

Move from a “Notice Me” society to one where you live a life of contented obscurity.

Know that, beyond all doubt, whatever is on its way will arrive. You do not need to struggle for it.

Wayne talks about his ego and his experience of falling from the best-seller lists. It was explained to him that the book was on the best-seller list and not ‘him’.

He was not his book.

This video helps us understand the challenge of the “needing to be noticed” world we live in.

Getting In The Gap Meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Duration: 51 Minutes 18 Seconds

Whenever you’re struggling with something. In an instance you can have a problem vanish when you think of God and meditate in the gap between your thoughts.

Learn more about the Gap Meditation with this video.

As you THINK, So Shall You BE! | Wayne Dyer | Top 10 Rules

Duration: 22 Minutes 19 Seconds

An excellent compilation of 10 rules for success and living. This video is taken from different CDs and video presentations.

No matter the presentation Wayne Dyer gives excellent insights to living a more fulfilling life.

Manifestation Miracle Quiz 2

Wayne Dyer: 10 principles / The power of intention

Duration: 50 Minutes 59 Seconds

How to feel independent of the thoughts and opinions of others.

Note: There is some overlapping video between this video and the previous “As you THINK, So Shall You Be!”

Great thoughts shared by Wayne Dyer.

Wayne Dyer – Become Detached from the Outcome Great Talk

Duration: 1 hour 18 Minutes

“How can you surrender and let go from the outcome?”

Dr Wayne Dyer explores how at once you can aim for or strive for something without needing the outcome to be exactly what you are striving for.

Being detached from ourselves and the opinions of others is a place of trust and

Wayne Dyer meditation – How To Figure Out What You Want In Life

Duration: 1 hour 20 Minutes

You can read, think and ponder many teachings but Dr Wayne Dyer talks about putting them into practice to attain real understanding.

Suspension of belief plays a part. If you’re learning new things then you need to allow the new possibility into your life. You may have to suspend old beliefs like “that can’t work” in order to attain new beliefs.

This presentation helps us understand more about ourselves.

Manifestation Miracle Quiz 2

The Secret & The Law of Attraction by Wayne Dyer

Duration: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

A simply excellent PBS TV presentation of “Wishes Fulfilled” based on the book Wayne Dyer wrote.

You will learn about becoming the highest consciousness being you can be.

An engrossing presentation for all fans of Wayne Dyer.

Note: These videos are not made or produced by us, we have simply curated our favorite examples of the work of Wayne Dyer. We do not endorse any offers made by 3rd parties during these videos.

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Dr Wayne Dyer YouTube Videos

Even More Self-Improvement Videos!

We hope you enjoyed this selection of Wayne Dyer YouTube videos.

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