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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get Ex Back

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Ex Back

After a devastating break up I decided to use the Law of Attraction to get my ex back.

I was desperate to get back together and tried everything I could to make him want to be with me again. It just didn’t work, until I figured out why.

The Law of Attraction states that we can manifest our dreams and change our reality by attracting that which we focus on.

My focus was on desperation and how much I needed my ex back in my life. Therefore, the universe gave me more of what I was focusing on i.e. it brought me more desperation and neediness.

When I finally understood what I was doing, as hard as it was to do, I let go of my ex and used the Law of Attraction to get my ex back.

It is only when I started to trust the process that my ex returned to me.

Trust the Law of Attraction

Let’s start with an important principle of the Law of Attraction.

“Like Attracts Like”.

What you think about and focus on is what the universe shows and gives you.

This means that you and your ex once had the same vibrational frequency. You were on the same wavelength and you “got” each other.

Somewhere at some time you moved out of sync with each other and one (or both) of you changed your vibration with the universe. A common excuse for relationships breaking up is “I outgrew him/ her”. This means that you changed your vibrational frequency, but your partner did not.

If you both changed vibrational frequencies at the same time you would remain in sync and happy to stay together.

How Can Law of Attraction Get My Ex Back?

To attract your ex back, you need to change your vibrational frequency. There are many ways you can do this, here are some of the most popular:

Invest in Yourself & Embark on a Program of Self-Development

For example, enjoy more sunshine and fresh air, spend time with friends and family, set goals, do exercise and nourish your body with a healthy diet.

Start using positive affirmations, doing things you love, practicing self-love, caring about yourself, helping others and giving to yourself everything you expect your partner to give you.

If you want your partner to love and respect you and do kind things for you, then you must start loving and respecting yourself and do kind things for yourself.

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Using LOA to get ex back

Focus on being the best version of yourself. Positive happy people are like magnets. The happier and more positive you are, the more people you will attract into your life, including your ex. People want to be with people who make them feel good.

Use positive affirmations and read them at least twice a day. The Law of Attraction does not work on desperation.

Make peace with the fact that you don’t need your ex, but rather that you choose to have them in your life.

Examples of affirmations could be, “I am grateful for having (name) in my life”, or “I can feel (name) connecting to me on a deeper level. Take time to completely let go of your ex, to let go of the desperation.

As hard as it may seem, this means not contacting them and learning to be OK being on your own. Once you know that you are OK without your ex, you can start attracting your ex because you choose to and not because you need to.

Use visualization and every evening imagine your partner had been with you all day. Relive today in your mind with your partner by your side. Imagine your life with your partner. Write a letter or email to yourself “from your partner”.

Let Go of the Past

Forget the past and any problems you might have had in your relationship. Imagine you could start over again and remember only the positive and happy memories. Write down everything positive you can think of about your ex.

Every day take some time to imagine yourself sending your ex love, joy and happiness. It must be unconditional love and a mature love that doesn’t need anything in return. Send him or her this love without thinking about whether they will come back to you.

Don’t read old love letters, or think about things they gave you. You will start missing them and move to a point of being sad and missing them more.

If you do this, the universe will bring you more sadness. When you get that sad heavy feeling in your heart and in the pit of your stomach, consciously let go of that feeling. Choose to feel positive and imagine that your ex is in your life right now.

Focus on Yourself and Your Well Being

Do not spend any time thinking about how you will get your ex back, leave that to the universe to work out.

Contacting them is not the best idea, let them come to you instead.

Do not “cyber stalk” them or check up on them in social media and don’t allow yourself to spend any time wondering what they are doing.

The Law of Attraction works for everyone, and it can work for you to get your ex back.

The hardest part of the process is having to let go of your ex and to honestly learn to be happy on your own.

Only once you let go of desperation and neediness you will see good things happen around you.

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How to Get Someone Back in Your Life

First you need to understand and accept the person is not currently in your life and be OK with that situation.

Acceptance of your current reality can be the most challenging thing to do but it helps your mental well-being and calms your spirit.

When you want someone back in your life and you come from a place of need instead of attraction. The Law of Attraction does not respond to us when we need something or someone.

The Law of Attraction responds when two people are on the same wavelength.

So, once you have become comfortable with the fact this person is not in your life, what can you do to be the best version of yourself? What can you do to be someone who attracts good things into their lives?

When you decide this and take action, good things will start to happen. This creates a vortex of positive energy in your life and people will notice. Including the certain someone you would appreciate in your life again.



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