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The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics: Where Belief Meets Science

The Law Of Attraction And Quantum Physics: Where Belief Meets Science

If you’ve ever wondered if there is a scientific explanation for the Law of Attraction, then you need look no further than the science of quantum physics.

Quantum physics (also referred to as quantum mechanics) describes how the universe and the flow of energy works at a scale smaller than atoms with particles of energy called “quanta”.

Given everything in our world is made of atoms, it means that quantum physics has a very important role to play in explaining the world we live in.

At a sub-atomic level, humans are made up of energy particles and, for example, the furniture we sit on is also made up of energy particles.

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At a sub-atomic level, there is no difference between you and the furniture you sit on. It is all energy.

Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy. This energy is changing and moving all the time.

It is interesting to note how we describe the Law of Attraction in terms of vibration and the alignment of energy. The concepts are the same.

Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics: Everything is Connected

“Quantum entanglement” describes the relationship between two bodies that interact or entangle with each other. Once they do, it becomes impossible to describe one object without considering the other object. Both objects are connected or bonded together.

Quantum theory explains how everything in the Universe is connected and therefore if we influence one thing, we can influence another.

This also means you have your own personal quantum field!

Have you ever noticed when someone enters a room it changes the dynamics and feel of the room?

This is because their energy affects the energy of everyone around them and vice versa.

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The Law of Attraction Quantum Physics Theory

The Science of Believing

“Perception is reality”. Research into quantum mechanics has shown that the act of observing reality creates it. Our reality is created by our personal perception of reality.

Two people can have different experiences and perceptions of the exact same set of circumstances. A music concert may be an average experience for one person but an invigorating life-changing experience for another. Same concert, same music but a different experience.

The reality is the one we experience as individuals.

We therefore attract to ourselves that which we feel is real.

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If we can be grateful for and experience the feelings of having what we want to attract, the universe will integrate that into our perception of reality and attract more of the same reality.

Our inner world is more real than our outer world

Traditionally we have been taught to believe that what happens outside of us is “reality” and it is reality that impacts our inner world.

Scientists have now discovered that it is the opposite way around.

What we experience and perceive internally creates our external reality.

Perception is reality.

This is good news because it means we have the power to control our own thoughts and influence and create our own reality.

The Act of Observing Creates Reality

Only once we become aware, we create our reality.

If you think about buying a new green car, in the following days you will notice more new green cars on the road than you have before.

Those green cars were always going to be there. However, a new green car has become something you wish to bring into your reality.

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You now begin to notice this new reality is already around you. Those green cars are everywhere!

If you want to see and find opportunities in the world, define what you are looking for and the universe will present to you what was there all along.

Just because we are not aware of something, it does not mean it does not exist.

It did not exist for us, according to our perception of reality until we noticed it, then it became our reality.

Limitless Possibilities

Our reality is only limited by our awareness and observation of possibilities.

The truth is that there are no limits to what we can think and perceive.

We can create the reality we want by expanding our awareness and bringing it into our perception of reality.

It really is true to say the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics are one in the same.

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