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The Law of Abundance – A Choice for Everyone

The Law Of Abundance – A Choice For Everyone

The law of abundance says that there is more than enough wealth for everyone who decides, believes and allows a desired level of wealth to enter their lives.

When we view the world from an attitude of lack, we feel anxious and spend our time and energy thinking about how little we have, how others have more and how difficult it is to get wealth.

This mindset pushes away opportunities to attract wealth and abundance.

An abundant view of the world recognizes we all have more than enough in a generous universe.

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The Law of Abundance – Your Choice

Financial freedom is a choice.

The moment you decide to become wealthy, is the moment it will begin to happen.

Using the law of abundance to attract wealth means that you act as if you already are wealthy.

This does not mean you spend madly on your credit cards as if you have the money to pay them off (when you don’t). You act as if you’re wealthy in your mind, in your thoughts, in what you think and what you feel about wealth.

If you need to change your wealth mindset to one of abundance, there are some simple steps you must take.

Think about and write down your long-term wealth and abundance goals.

Create affirmations to affirm each of those goals. Imagine what your life will be like when you have manifested the wealth.

Change your thinking to view wealthy abundance as a journey not a destination.

Then take consistent action in the direction of your goals.

Goals without actions are just dreams. You must take action.

Appreciate what happens on the journey. Enjoy the experiences of every day that takes you one step closer to your goals.

This article describes how you can develop an abundant mindset.

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Do Not be Afraid of Wealth

As odd as it may sound, some people are afraid of wealth.

It could be past experiences or observations that have resulted in limiting beliefs around money and wealth. Examples of these beliefs are:

  • people with lots of money have to be careful that friends are not just using them for their money
  • it’s bad to be wealthy when so many people are struggling
  • people in my family are not wealthy
  • I have to choose between wealth and family. I can’t have both

Think about success and wealth and what they mean to you.

Notice how your body responds. Any internal tension or resistance you feel could indicate a limiting belief that is preventing you from claiming your success.

Choose new beliefs to replace the ones that are preventing you from attracting a life of wealth and abundance.

Keep reading to learn a technique to let go of limiting these beliefs.

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Start a Different Conversation

Take some time to reflect on your beliefs about money.

Say to yourself, “I deserve wealth. It is easy to generate wealth”.

Notice how your body and mind respond when you think those thoughts. The thoughts that come into your mind are your current beliefs about money. If those beliefs are limiting you, acknowledge the belief and then let go of it.

For example, say to yourself, “I hear you, but I am choosing not to hold onto that belief right now”.

It is important that you immediately then replace the belief with the new ones you have created.

What we resist persists.

Therefore, when we try to block negative thoughts, our energy will be consumed by the inner war of trying to reject these limiting beliefs.

If you acknowledge them and simply let go, you can use your energy to focus on your new empowering beliefs, and manifest wealth and prosperity in your life.

You are releasing your inner resistance and allowing a new empowering belief to enter in its place.

Will Wealth Change Who I Am?

Fearing the changes wealth will bring is a common limiting belief.

Understand, nothing can change who you are.

No matter how rich or poor you are, you will still be the same person.

Always remember your values that make you the person you are.

Whenever you make decisions around money, do an internal check to see if the decision you are making is congruent with your values.

Spend, save and give money in a way that reflects your values.

Believing that you are worthy of happiness and wealth is just a small part of that.

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3 Practical Ways to Feel Wealthy

It can be necessary to do specific exercises to help train your mind to a wealthier mindset.

The first method is taught by Abraham Hicks to speed up the wealth manifestation process.

Decide on an amount of money such as $50 and put the amount in your wallet. This is not money to be spent though.

Wherever you go look around for things you like and say to yourself “I could buy that if I wanted” without spending the money.

Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between reality and vivid imagination.

Your subconscious mind will start to believe that you have money to available to spend on a regular basis. This in turn creates a familiarity with having money available and building a positive money mindset. This in turn helps you see and attract wealth opportunities.

A second exercise is to make a shopping list of everything you want.

Do your homework and find pictures and prices of each item. Look at each item and think about how it will feel to pay cash for that item, no credit cards or debt involved.

A third variation is to make a list of all the people, organizations and causes you want to give money to. Think how joyful it will be to give the money without worrying about impact on your finances.

With an abundant mindset, you will also know that there is more money coming to you which in turn can be made available to others.

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Feel Abundant Everyday

Feeling prosperous will attract more prosperity in your life.

The law of abundance is ever present in our lives. It works day and night to give you the wealth you allow it to.

It never to late to start. All it takes is a decision.

Choose to become a magnet for wealth.

Take action in the direction of your wealth goals.

Be grateful for what you have and be excited about the future wealth and abundance that is coming your way.

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