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Top 10 Louise Hay YouTube Videos

Top 10 Louise Hay YouTube Videos

Enjoy this collection of our favorite 10 Louise Hay YouTube videos.

Louise’s first book, “Heal Your Body”, was published in 1976. This groundbreaking book has gone on to be sold in 33 countries and translated into 25 languages.

This book was followed in 1984 by “You Can Heal Your Life”. This book was based on the workshops Louise had given all across the U.S. and became another best seller with over 50 million copies sold.

Her company Hay House Inc became a very successful publishing house for self-help authors including Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue.

A much loved author, speaker and businesswoman, Louise Hay passed away on August 30, 2017.

Bestselling Louise Hay books and audio programs include:

This YouTube video collection is over 5 hours of inspirational content.

Enjoy watching these Louise Hay videos!

Our Favorite Louise Hay YouTube Videos

We have a great selection of interviews, affirmations and meditations by Louise and this collection includes videos from 15 minutes to over 1 hour in length.

Bookmark this page and return for regular inspiration!

101 Power Thoughts Louise Hay

Duration: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

Louise reads a list of 101 thoughts that help you live a more fulfilling life.

Louise has one of the most relaxing, caring voices you could ever want to hear!

manifestation miracle quiz 3

Louise Hay – 40 mins everyday to CHANGE your life FOREVER – Audiobook meditation

Duration: 47 Minutes 56 Seconds

Valuable advice and thoughts from Louise Hay help set the scene for a relaxing and calming 40 minute meditation.

Louise Hay’s Morning Meditation

Duration: 24 Minutes 55 Seconds

Published by Hay House, this meditation is a great start for any day.

Louise Hay – 50 mins of positive affirmations to change your attitude

Duration: 52 Minutes 47 Seconds

The power of positive affirmations helps you create a positive pattern of thinking in your life.

Louise focuses on the positive and helps you focus on what you want in your life.

manifesting miracle life

Louise L. Hay – The Universe Loves Grateful People

Duration: 18 Minutes 40 Seconds

“Every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future”

This 18 minute interview from the film “You Can Heal Your life” explores the importance of gratitude.

Louise Hay I Can Do It, I Accept My Power

Duration: 1 hour 42 Minutes

Another fantastic affirmation video and self-help video from Louise.

Find a quiet, relaxing place to listen to this video and re-energize your life.

Louise Hay_Experience Your Good Now

Duration: 1 hour 15 Minutes

With her signature relaxing music in the background, in this collection of audio recordings Louise explains how you can access the power of affirmations and transform your life.

Manifestation Miracle Quiz 2

Louise Hay – An Abundance Of Opportunity For Creating Prosperity

Duration: 14 Minutes

“You can never create prosperity by thinking or talking about your lack of money”

Louise goes on to explain how a negative belief about money, wealth and prosperity will always hold you back from bringing wealth into your life.

Louise Hay: You are what you think

Duration: 10 Minutes 48 Seconds

“You think a negative thought and you’ll go on a downward spiral, think a positive thought and good things happen to you.”

A short interview where Louise discusses the power of thought to shape your life.

manifestation miracle quiz 3

Conversations on Living by Louise L Hay

Duration: 53 Minutes 32 Seconds

“I teach people to love themselves, I find this is the answer for almost everything.”

An engrossing presentation and well worth the 1 hour you’ll spend watching.

Note: These videos are not made or produced by us, we have simply curated our favorite examples of the work of Louise Hay. We do not endorse any offers made by 3rd parties during these videos.

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We hope you enjoyed our collection of Louise Hay YouTube videos.

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