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Law of Attraction Limiting Beliefs – How to Overcome Them

Law Of Attraction Limiting Beliefs – How To Overcome Them

What are “Law of Attraction limiting beliefs” and where do they come from?

The Law of Attraction states what we think and believe the majority of the time becomes our reality.

If we think we’re unable to get fit, are unsuitable for a particular job or unable to find a soulmate then that is a reality we create for ourselves.

These types of beliefs are known as “Limiting Beliefs”. They hold us back from a more empowering reality we could be creating for ourselves.

The fewer your limiting beliefs, the greater the power of the Law of Attraction in your life.

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Replacing Law of Attraction Limiting Beliefs

We can create new beliefs to replace the old limiting beliefs.

This helps us grow, step out of our comfort zone and experience life in a new way.

As an extreme example, when we were 2 years old it was appropriate that our parents told us that “it is bad to talk to strangers”.

Imagine if we never updated this belief? We may never talk to a stranger as an adult!

Beliefs can limit us, but they also empower us, and we can choose to change our beliefs.

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9 Limiting Beliefs and How to Overcome Them

Here are 9 common limiting beliefs associated with the topics of success and wealth.

  1. “I have to work hard to be successful”. You may have a belief that working long hours in your current job is the only way to manifest your wealth. Changing your perspective and beliefs about wealth could mean a career change, a step back from a career altogether, return to academic study or setting up a side business. All viable ways to achieve your goals and perhaps better suited to you than your current job/belief?
  2. “I do not deserve the life of my dreams”. People with low self-esteem may have adopted this belief. Remember that if we must be a perfect person to “deserve happiness”, no one would be happy. There is nothing you need to do, and no one you need to be, to deserve your happiness. Your dreams are waiting for you to claim them.
  3. “I am not smart/educated enough to be successful”. Take a careful look at the people you regard as successful. You will be surprised to notice just how many of them were not regarded as smart or educated. A significant percentage of inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders were not regarded as super intelligent and some did not even finish school. You have all you need to be successful and if you need more, there are plenty of ways to improve your knowledge.
  4. “I have to be successful to be happy”. Choose to be happy and grateful irrespective of your level of success. Happiness is a choice. There are many people who are happy but not regarded as particularly successful. You need to be grateful for, and happy with what you have, for the universe to bring you more. Then you will be open to your desired levels of success.
  5. “People in my family are not successful”. This may be true in your mind based on your definition of success. Remember though, your beliefs will be limited by the beliefs passed on to you by your family. You are your own person and capable of being the exception. You can create your own life.
  6. “It is evil to want more money”. Money is not good or bad, it just is. It is your values and what you plan to do with the money that matter. There is nothing wrong with wanting personal wealth and abundance. Think of the difference you could make with your money in other people’s lives if you choose to.
  7. “You need money to make money”. This is a belief that is easy to challenge with facts. There are so many examples of people who created successful businesses from nothing. Do research and you will realise that this is a limiting belief and that there is always a way, you just need to find the right one for you.
  8. “I don’t want to fail”. If you don’t try, you won’t fail, but you also will not succeed. To challenge this belief, think about your attitude towards failure. If I told you that I could guarantee that you would be successful beyond your wildest imagination after 20 “failures”, how would you view failure? We would look forward to failing because each failure will take us one step closer to our success. It’s a journey. Failure is giving up. The reason we find it difficult, is because we don’t know the number. It could be 10, 20 or 100 times we must fail before we succeed. The truth is we will succeed if we don’t give up.
  9. “Life is hard”. It is only hard because we make it so. Its not about what happens to us, but about how we respond to what happens. When things get hard, we have a choice to learn from our mistakes and to discover internal resources we never knew existed.
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5 Steps to Banish Limiting Beliefs

  1. Make a list of your beliefs about wealth and success.
  2. Don’t judge whether each belief is limiting or not, just write them as they come to you.
  3. Once you have a list, look at each belief individually and ask yourself if the belief is really true.
  4. Figure out which beliefs are limiting you and preventing you from attracting the life of your dreams.
  5. For each of your limiting beliefs, choose new, positive ways of replacing those beliefs.

By changing these beliefs, you create a new present and future.

The law of attraction is waiting to hear from you!

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