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6 Quick Tips: How to Write Positive Affirmations

6 Quick Tips: How To Write Positive Affirmations

We’re not born knowing how to write positive affirmations.

It’s not a skill we’re taught at school.

So, when it comes to writing positive statements about our lives, what at first seems simple, is actually a little more difficult than we expect.

In this article our 6 essential tips will help you overcome any challenges in writing powerful, meaningful affirmations.

You’ll be saying motivating affirmations each day that have specific meaning for you and you alone. You’ll be saying phrases that are short, uplifting and to the point. It will be a pleasure, not a chore, to say your affirmations!

The benefits of affirmations include the daily reinforcement of positive thoughts about your life to keep you focused on your goals and the way you want to live your life. Affirmations can change the way you think about yourself and others simply through the repetition of positive, life-affirming phrases.

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However, you need to create phrases that are genuinely uplifting and relevant to your life and situation. We’re all different and phrases that may work for one person may not suit another.

Let’s take the example of losing weight.

If your affirmation is …

“I will lose weight and go to the gym every day”

… how does that make you feel?

There’s a heaviness in the energy of the statement and it’s not very motivating.

It focuses on the negative aspects of your goal (the need to lose weight and the obligation to go to the gym) and pushes the goal out into an indefinite future.

This is NOT going to motivate you!

Let’s now look at 6 tips to show you how to write positive affirmations.

Tip 1: Make your Affirmations Active

Using active verbs keeps the energy upbeat and your focus in the present moment.

Start your affirmation “I am [positive verb] …” or “I [positive verb]”.

Examples include:

  • I am healthy in every way
  • I am enjoying a fulfilling relationship with my partner
  • I am feeling excited by my new job

So, always check to make sure your affirmations are active and positive.

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Tip 2: Include Positive Emotions

Think of the emotions you will have when you reach your goal and state the positive emotion in the present tense. Believe the goals already happened or is happening right now.

  • Are you happy?
  • Proud of yourself?
  • Do you feel relaxed?
  • Are you full of gratitude?

Choose positive emotions that you genuinely feel about the goal and add them to the “I am” statement from Tip #1.

Tip 3: Keep it Short!

Make your affirmations brief and memorable.

You will be saying these affirmations on a regular basis, at least once a day. You don’t want to be repeating long, difficult sentences each day.

The shorter and more to the point the better.

Concise, focused statements are easier to remember and repeat. For example:

  • I enjoy my daily run
  • I eat healthily each day
  • I am grateful for my job

So, short but powerful affirmations are what you want.

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Learn how to write positive affirmations

Tip 4: Stay in the Present

This is a very important tip.

Your affirmation should always be in the present tense. Make sure you use “I am” rather than “I will” statements.

Don’t talk about your affirmations as though they happen in the future. You need to program your subconscious to hear your affirmation as a reality today.

Over the course of time, the repetition of these present tense phrases will influence your actions and life in a positive way. You will take on the beliefs and behaviors of these positive phrases.

However, if they are stated as though the goal will be achieved at sometime in the future, your subconscious will never recognize them as being real in the present. They will always be something to be achieved rather then something you enjoy now.

Tip 5: Keep it Positive

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Think of the positive result you want to achieve.

Do not create affirmations along the lines of …

“I am not over-weight”

Even though the affirmation begins with “I am” it is a negative statement. That’s not what you want to do.

Think more along the lines …

“I am at my ideal weight”

ALL your affirmations must be positive. This is where their power comes from.

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Tip 6: Freshen Up Your Affirmations

Be prepared to change your affirmations from time to time.

Why? Because your life will change as the months go by.

Some of your affirmations will come true at different times. When they come true, be prepared to change their emphasis.

For example:

“I am at my ideal weight” could become “I enjoy my running and exercise routine every day”. The emphasis changes from your ideal weight to healthy exercise.

So, every few months, check your affirmations and make sure they reflect your goals.

Summary:  How to Write Positive Affirmations

It is not difficult to learn how write powerful affirmations.

The trick is to follow each of our 6 tips.

Then all you need to find is a regular time slot each day to say your affirmations.

If the morning is your best time, then say your affirmations in the morning. More of a night owl? Say your affirmations before you go to sleep.

Consistency is the key to saying your affirmations. Keep it up for at least 3 months and then review how well things have gone.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you’ve followed our 6 tips.

Enjoy writing your affirmations!



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