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Create Your Manifestation Vision Board in 6 Easy Steps

Create Your Manifestation Vision Board In 6 Easy Steps

You want to manifest your plans and dreams but what is the best way? We’ve had great success using a manifestation vision board.

In this article we explain the 6 simple steps it takes to visualize your future life.

People Manifest in Different Ways

Everyone responds to different inputs in different ways.

Some people find writing about their dreams is the absolute best way for them to ‘see’ their future.

Others respond to meditation tapes and inspirational talks as a way of accessing and manifesting their future life.

However, we find one of the most popular ways is to create a dream board / manifestation vision board. Also known as a dream board, you place images, photos and graphics relating to your goals on a board which hangs on your wall.

The vision board is a visual reminder and inspiration.  Looking at your vision board helps you to keep focused on the actions you need to take towards your dreams.

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The 6 Steps to an Inspiring Manifestation Vision Board

There is a specific process for creating a vision board.

You must create your board with intention and purpose. It is not an accidental process but one of reflection as well as fun. After all, you are creating your future life, that’s got be inspiring and enjoyable!

Here are the 6 steps for vision board manifestation:

  1. Define Your Desires
  2. Gather Your Supplies
  3. Create a Sacred Space
  4. Listen to Your Spirit
  5. Write and Speak Your Intention
  6. Reflect on Your Vision

Follow these steps at your own pace. Set a date by when you want to complete your board by. This helps you focus on each task.

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You could set 1 week aside for each step or you may want to do all 6 steps in 1 week. Choose a pace that suits you.

1.  Define Your Desires

Declare the specific details of what you want.

For example, “more money” and a “happy life” are not specific.

You need to apply your mind and understand how much money you need, and you need to know what makes you happy.

The universe needs specific requests, not vague wishes.

Think of specific images that match your dreams. If you want increased wealth, what does this mean to you? A new car, bigger house, better job?

Start thinking of images and photos that match your specific dreams and goals.

2.  Gather Your Supplies

A vision board is physical and tangible so you will need some supplies.

Your individual preferences on how you want to create the board, will determine what supplies you need.

A popular choice is a rectangular cork board or a white board.

As to the imagery you want to place on the board, the choice is yours.

For example, you might prefer to draw, paint or use words and/or pictures cut out from a magazine. You can also print off images from your computer.

Visit your local stationery store for stickers, glue, pins, magnets and other accessories to place on your board.

Many people mix the types of images, photos and words to create a strong and personal visual reference.

Take your time to gather supplies.

The more thought you put into the specific things you want to see on your vision board, the more successful the board will be in helping you manifest your dreams.

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manifestation vision board 6 simple steps

3.  Create a Sacred Space

It is important for you to find a peaceful calm place where you will not be disturbed to create your vision board.

Keep the space free from distractions and make sure that you are comfortable and calm before you start creating your board.

You may wish to place and light some candles and play music that inspires you in a creative way.

4.  Listen to Your Spirit

Get in touch with the deepest part of yourself and tune into your spirit for guidance.

Carefully consider everything you put on your board, whether it is a drawing, painting, photo, picture or words.

Allow creativity to surround you and use your intuition to choose each and every item that goes onto your vision board.

Don’t judge your vision board for aesthetic aspects, but rather create a board that powerfully conveys your message to yourself and the universe.

Adding many images to the board can easily create a complex collage that is too ‘busy’. If you place too many images you may find it difficult to find focus and specific inspiration.

A sparse vision board enables you to focus on the message without getting distracted. You can always add further images later.

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5. Write and Speak Your Intention

Strengthen the effectiveness of the vision board by writing down your intentions and adding them to your board.

You now have a powerful combination of visual imagery and the written word.

It is also recommended to say affirmations to support your goals.

This article explains how to create affirmations. Say these affirmations while standing in front of your manifestation vision board.

The spoken word and the visual images on the board provide you with another powerful combination to ‘see’ your dreams manifest.

6. Reflect on Your Vision

Put your vision board somewhere where you can see it often.

Every time you see it, reflect on it and remind yourself that the universe is busy working on giving you what you want.

If you find doubt creeping in, speak your intentions out loud and celebrate the blessings it is bringing to your life.

By using your creativity and inner guidance, you are sending a clear message to the universe.

You are adding tremendous momentum to the process of manifesting the life of your dreams. Enjoy the journey!

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