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Our Top 10 Bob Proctor YouTube Videos

Our Top 10 Bob Proctor YouTube Videos

Enjoy this collection of our favorite 10 Bob Proctor YouTube videos.

Born in 1934, when he was 26 he read Napoleon Hill’s seminal “Think and Grow Rich” and never looked back.

The lessons contained within “Think and Grow Rich” helped Bob change his mindset and as a result he set up a successful cleaning company with offices in many North American cities.

In 1961 he began working for Earl Nightingale ‘s personal development publishing company. This led to him eventually striking out on his own. In 1997  he published the very popular book “You Were Born Rich”.

Bob is a well-known and well respected author, speaker and coach to many people looking to improve their mindset and the quality of their lives.

Bestselling Bob Proctor books and audio programs include:

This YouTube video collection is over 9 hours of content.

We hope you find the practical advice from Bob Proctor that you’re looking for!

Our Favorite Bob Proctor YouTube Videos

Many of the videos are quite short which means you can watch a few at a time.

That said, we have also included an 8-hour recording by Bob for a sleep meditation. That is by far the longest video we have our website!

Bookmark this page and return for regular inspiration!

Getting Back On Track | Bob Proctor

Duration: 4 Minutes 10 Seconds

Bob uses a story to illustrate how many people get on the wrong road and the need to get back on track.

If you think you are on the wrong track,  watch this video to hear Bob’s great advice.

manifesting miracle life

What You Don’t Know about Law of Attraction | The Proctor Perspective

Duration: 8 Minutes 02 Seconds

Bob describes the Law of Vibration which is the law that comes before the Law of Attraction.

This is the secret they don’t explain in the film “The Secret”

Listen and learn!

The Secret to Having a Successful Day – Everyday

Duration: 3 Minutes 45 Seconds

Bring your will to bear and focus on how you start your day.

If you start your day well then the rest of the day has the best chance of being a great day!

Bob explains the one routine he does to set himself up for a great day, every day.

Manifestation Miracle Quiz 2

Good News with Bob Proctor

Duration: 1 hour 29 Minutes

A 90-minute Q&A with Bob Proctor during the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic.

This is where Bob shines as he discusses the situation.

His response is timeless and appropriate for any situation.

Two Things You Must Know to Create Wealth

Duration: 23 Minutes 36 Seconds

A great discussion about wealth and how it is a magnifier of your life. If you’re a nice person (of course you are!) then wealth helps magnify the good in you.

If you want to learn how to create more wealth then Bob has 2 simple thoughts for you.

In fact, the simplicity of his advice will make you think about your own situation.

manifesting miracle life

Be Open for the Good that You Desire

Duration: 2 Minutes 54 Seconds

We must be ready to accept the good in the world coming to us.

Be grateful and express gratitude. ”

Good goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s welcome.”

Do THIS to Raise Your Frequency

Duration: 19 Minutes 32 Seconds

Energy is at the center of everything we are and do. Everything is connected and vibrating at different frequencies.

Bob explains the ONE thing you need to do to raise your frequency of vibration to improve your life.

manifestation miracle quiz 3

How to Build Your Self Image

Duration: 13 Minutes 34 Seconds

If you have a clear idea of who you are (your self-image), you can make the necessary changes when you wander off track or listen to the wrong advice.

Bob explores how this works for all of us.

Guided Abundance Meditation

Duration: 21 Minutes 52 Seconds

A meditation to help you access the abundance of the Universe.

manifesting miracle life


Duration: 8 Hours 38 Minutes

This is a long one!

Play this when you go to sleep. You’ll hear Bob’s voice repeating a wealth affirmation to the backdrop of soothing music.

Note: These videos are not made or produced by us, we have simply curated our favorite examples of the work of Bob Proctor. We do not endorse any offers made by 3rd parties during these videos.

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bob proctor videos

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We hope you enjoyed this selection of Bob Proctor YouTube videos.

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