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7 Hidden Benefits of Affirmations

7 Hidden Benefits Of Affirmations

The benefits of affirmations are not always clearly understood.

People who have not had the chance to learn about affirmations often think you’re simply engaged in wishful thinking.

They imagine you say positive things hoping they will come true just because you’ve said them. It’s an easy mistake to make.

After all, there is not much else going on. You’re just repeating the same phrases day in, day out. Why would there be a significant change in your life?

It’s common point of view.

However, all it shows is that someone has not yet understood the powerful benefits that come from repeating positive affirmations.

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In this article, well look at the seven hidden benefits of affirmations and show why saying positive affirmations should be an important part of your daily routine.

  1. Improve your mindfulness
  2. Open you up to receive blessings
  3. Change your perspective
  4. Change your mindset
  5. Positively help other people
  6. Improve your health
  7. Help you give thanks

Let’s get started with the first benefit …

1. Improve Your Mindfulness

Use affirmations to help you to stay in the present moment.

Be aware of what is important to you now and don’t focus on regrets about the past or fears for the future.

You choose your affirmations and you say them in the present tense. This forces your mental focus into the “Now”.

The simple routine of making time each day to say your affirmations means you have an awareness and choice of your surroundings at this time each day. You can enjoy a few moments peace, take in a quiet spot in your house or office, notice the weather and appreciate the time you have to say your affirmations.

This helps you anchor each day in a conscious, positive routine that allows you to appreciate the present in a positive, uplifting way.

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2. Affirmations Open You up to Receive Blessings

Positive affirmations over the course of time help dispel self-doubt and worries.

Saying positive affirmations each day helps you appreciate your self-worth.

When you see yourself as worthy you are far more open to receiving compliments, blessings and positive changes in your life.

Read motivational quotes to get inspiration for affirmations you’d like to choose.

This in turn reinforces your belief in yourself and helps you acknowledge you deserve good things in your life. This is one of the more unacknowledged benefits of affirmations.

3. Change Your Perspective with Affirmations

Affirmations help you focus on the important things in your life.

Each day you have the chance, through affirmations, to reset your perspective on what you choose to focus on.

As you say your affirmations in the coming weeks and months, you will strengthen a positive perspective of yourself and the world around you.

You become less affected by the thoughts and opinions of others and surer of your own views.

Visit our Louise Hay YouTube Videos article to listen to a recognized expert and practitioner of affirmations. Louise has great examples of affirmations you can say.

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4. Change Your Mindset

Saying affirmations each day forms an important of your mindset in how you go about your daily business.

If your affirmations relate to work you can improve your attitude, you choose to look for solutions not problems and you become focused on your goals.

If health is your priority, then health related affirmations can help you change your mindset to eat healthier food and take regular exercise.

These subconscious mind exercises help you see the world in a positive way

The repetition of positive statements helps program you subconscious to believe these statements are true right now. Your behavior changes to meet your beliefs.

When you commit to saying your affirmations each day, you are building a habit that in turn helps strengthen your mindset.

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7 hidden benefits of affirmations

5. Positively Help Other People

As you become a more positive person from the phrases you say daily, you positively affect those around you.

Others will take joy and enjoyment from seeing you happy. They will want to share time with you.

Through the daily reinforcement of positive messages, you will be comfortable lending a helping hand, sharing a coffee and listening to what others have to say.

You will be present for them and a positive influence in their lives.

6. Improve Your Health

Improving your outlook in life to something more positive and purposeful gives the opportunity to improve your health.

Health related affirmations such as “I enjoy running every day” or “I am living at my perfect weight” help you improve the aspects of your health you’d like to focus on.

As you improve your health, you improve your attitude to life. You have more energy and have improved confidence from the changes you make.

Studies have shown positive thinking helps both your mind and body.

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7. Affirmations Help You Give Thanks

Using affirmations in your daily life helps you develop gratitude for what and who you have in your life.

Giving gratitude is an incredibly powerful affirmation technique to acknowledge what you have rather than feeling your life is lacking.

Affirmations are often created to address a need or a problem such as poor health, lack of love or not enough money.

We feel if we say, “I am healthy”, “I am with my soulmate” or “I have unlimited riches” we are moving life in a positive direction. We are and this is true.

However, by ALSO including affirmations that acknowledge your sincere gratitude for where you are in your life right now, good and bad, you cease to come from a place of lack.

Yes, you want to make changes in your life, but you are thankful for everything you have right now.

This in turn helps reduce stress and supports a positive mindset as you reduce or eliminate thoughts about perceived problems you have today.

Share the Benefits of Affirmations with Others

There are many, many benefits of affirmations and reasons to include them in your daily routine.

The next time someone says that affirmations don’t work or have any real value, you now have seven benefits you can share with them!

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