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Your Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity in 3 Minutes a Day

Your Affirmations For Wealth And Prosperity In 3 Minutes A Day

Positive affirmations for wealth help you to cultivate a mindset of prosperity.

Say wealth affirmations each day and you will start to create a positive attitude to creating wealth in your life.

But can saying particular words and phrases actually make a difference?

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Affirmations for Wealth – Why Do They Work?

Our lives reflect what we think about most of the time.

If you think about negative things most of the time, you will see a world around that re-enforces your negative views.

If you believe you are not worthy of receiving money or no-one in your family is ever rich then you will see the world through that set of beliefs.

We know that repeating negative phrases brings a negative outlook. Each of us has experienced this in our own lives or seen it in the lives of others.

So, since we can control what we think, why not say positive and powerful phrases to replace the ones that are negative and not serving us?

We all have a wide range of beliefs running around our minds and ruling what we do.

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An affirmation, if said on a regular basis, such as early in the morning or just before bed each day, helps structure our beliefs in a purposeful way to create a better life.

So, if you have negative thoughts about money and wealth (and don’t worry, we all do to some degree), you can help your situation by choosing positive, thoughts that help you think about attracting money into your life.

If you start affirmations today, will you be rich tomorrow? Very unlikely

Saying affirmations is a process of consistent action to say your affirmations each and every day. Your affirmations should be said out loud and you should believe and mean what you say.

Over the coming weeks and months you will notice a shift in your attitude towards wealth and you will start seeing opportunities where once you only saw problems.

Your 3-Minute Wealth Affirmations Video

We created a 3-minute video with 32 wealth and prosperity affirmations for you to follow and say.

Watch this video everyday to begin changing your thoughts about money, wealth and abundance.

The affirmations in our 3-minute video are shown in the list below.

We do recommend watching the 3-minute affirmations video – it is an easy way to follow the phrases.

The visual imagery and inspirational background music helps you to imprint the wealth attraction thoughts deep in your subconscious.

Like these affirmations? Feel free to pin them on Pinterest!

affirmations for wealth and prosperity

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