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Powerful Affirmations to Attract Love into Your Life

Powerful Affirmations To Attract Love Into Your Life

Your soulmate is out there but it is not always easy to find them. Swiping right works only for some!

However, saying affirmations to attract love into your life helps you if you to project the best version of yourself out into the world.

These empowering phrases, repeated daily, help train your mind to think positively about your search for love.

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Putting Yourself in the Right Frame of Mind

Affirmations help us create a positive view and expectation in our lives.

When we focus our affirmations in the area of love and relationships we are communicating to the universe that we have a positive expectation of future relationships.

This approach is different to many people who get stuck thinking thoughts such as “I’ll never find my soulmate”, “I’m not worthy of love” or “I won’t be happy until I find the love of my life”.

These thoughts send negative messages out into the universe that these people are not worthy of love, are unhappy or will always be unsuccessful in their search for a soulmate.

Their view of themselves is the view others see and this stops them from attracting the love they seek.

It is vital to change to a more positive view of love and create a belief that you are a magnet attracting love, friendship and relationships in all areas of your life.

Saying positive affirmations about yourself and the topic of love and relationships helps you, over the course of time, to create an expectation that love is coming your way and you are worthy of receiving love.

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32 Affirmations to Attract Love

We made a video to help you with your affirmations to find a partner.

This 3-minute video contains 32 affirmations to help you attract love into your life. Bookmark the video and say the affirmations once a day.

Many people choose a specific time in the morning or evening to say affirmations and make it part of their daily routine.

The video includes 32 inspiring affirmations with supporting imagery and music. The images help you anchor the phrases and affirmations in your mind.

Watch the video every day, say the affirmations out loud and trust the process.

You will begin to align yourself with the universe and attract love into your life.


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Affirmations to attract love and relationships



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