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Top 10 Favorite Abraham Hicks YouTube Videos

Top 10 Favorite Abraham Hicks YouTube Videos

Enjoy this collection of our favorite 10 Abraham Hicks YouTube videos.

Esther Hicks and her late husband, Jerry, were featured experts in the 2007 film, “The Secret”. In fact, their book “The Law of Attraction” was central to the theme of the film.

Esther herself calls Abraham “infinite intelligence” and, while she does not use the word herself, many say she “channels” Abraham. Abraham is a collective consciousness to some and “source energy” to others.

Louise Hay described Abraham as “some of the best teachers on the planet today”.

The wisdom of Abraham is undeniable, whatever the source or channel.

Bestselling Abraham Hicks books include:

This YouTube video collection is over 9 hours of content.

We hope you find the inspiration from Abraham Hicks you’re looking for!

Our Favorite Abraham Hicks YouTube Videos

All videos are between 7 – 20 minutes long which means you can watch a few at a time.

However, we do find it can help to re-watch a video a couple of times to really take in the wisdom of Abraham.

Bookmark this page and return for regular inspiration!

Abraham: NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Duration: 9 Minutes 49 Seconds

Filmed at an Abraham Hicks workshop in San Antonio, TX in 2006.

Abraham talks about the vibrational balance in your body and how it relates to your response to food and nutrition.

Trying to go “upstream” with diets, exercise, fasting and other approaches does not guarantee anything. Until you are in touch with your “downstream” vibrational energy, you will not attain the results you desire.

Use action to improve your vibration. Abraham, through Esther, tells you how.


Duration: 13 Minutes 47 Seconds

This video is an excerpt from their 12-part “Vortex of Attraction” DVD series.

Abraham discusses the subject of how we are creators and not here to simply finish our lives.

There is acknowledgement that all translators (humans attempting to explain where we’re from, our purpose and where we’re going) come from different vibrations and interpret according to their beliefs. It is not for one to judge another.

A deeper and fascinating discussion.

Abraham Hicks – How to manifest a lot of money

Duration: 16 Minutes 55 Seconds

“When you say something you don’t mean, the Law of Attraction hears what you actually mean.”

A profound statement from Abraham.

We may talk about abundance, having money and riches. However, if you don’t believe it in your heart (for instance, you’re not worthy of receiving wealth), the Law of Attraction will be attracted to this negative thought and deliver the opposite of wealth.

You need to begin with a pure statement about abundance that does not include you or your specific desires or goals.

The video explains what to do next …

Abraham On: FINE-TUNING MANIFESTATION – Esther and Jerry Hicks

Duration: 9 Minutes 38 Seconds

One of the challenges faced in manifesting the life of your dreams is the recognition you do not have it yet.

Your dream life is a missing piece from your current reality which in itself is dis-allowing the manifestation.

Acknowledgement of what is already manifested is the first step.

Abraham explains how …

Dr. Wayne Dyer Interviews Esther Hicks: The Teachings of Abraham®

Duration: 11 Minutes 8 Seconds

An illuminating discussion between Wayne Dyer & Esther Hicks.

Tuning into Source Energy in the early morning is such a powerful experience. However, it is an experience we can enjoy at any time and all the time.

Esther talks about the Law of Attraction as a way to access source energy.


Duration: 17 Minutes 45 Seconds

Abraham describes an incident of how Esther’s parked car (which she was not in) was hit by another car.

The incident is described very amusingly by Esther. She elaborates how her reaction was less than perfect given her knowledge of the Law of Attraction.

Abraham, through Esther, goes on to explain how no accident is accidental.

Funny and insightful.

Abraham Hicks – How to do a Focus Wheel

Duration: 10 Minutes 08 Seconds

Abraham use a focus wheel to help an attendee at one of Esther’s workshops.

The attendee wants to be a successful day trader but is not having the results they want despite their effort and enthusiasm.

Abraham helps them describe more fully their experience of being a day trader and what is working for them. Abraham the helps the attendee build on this feeling to recognize other positive aspects of what is working.

Each new statement is added to the focus wheel. The wheel becomes their reference of positive energy contained within the Vortex.

Abraham: THE SECRET BEHIND “THE SECRET” – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Duration: 9 Minutes 04 Seconds

From a workshop held on April 8, 2007.

An interesting back story to Jerry, Esther and Abraham’s views on the movie “The Secret”.

Abraham explains the story of the two versions of the movie – the version with Esther and the version without.

If You Want It, It is Done | NEW Abraham Hicks 2020 | Law Of Attraction (LOA)

Duration: 7 Minutes 19 Seconds

Be thrilled for the emotion of an idea and the arrival different elements of your goal or dream.

Enjoy the now.

Do not wait to be thrilled when your goal is achieved. Be thrilled you are manifesting your goal.

An inspirational 7 minutes!

Abraham: I’M IN THE VORTEX – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Duration: 8 Minutes 57 Seconds

Enjoy waking up in the Vortex.

Watch Esther’s meditation / incantation of “When I’m in the Vortex”.

This is a powerful and motivational demonstration of the power of the Vortex in our lives.

Note: These videos are not made or produced by us, we have simply curated our favorite examples of the work of Abraham Hicks. We do not endorse any offers made by 3rd parties during these videos.

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Top 10 Abraham Hicks YouTube Videos

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We hope you enjoyed this selection of Abraham Hicks YouTube videos.

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