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9 Law of Attraction and Self-Esteem Benefits & Blessings

9 Law Of Attraction And Self-Esteem Benefits & Blessings

With the Law of Attraction, self-esteem describes how worthy we are to receive the abundance of the universe.

If we have low self-esteem, we are communicating to the universe that we are not worthy of receiving and do not deserve what we want.

Given the Law of Attraction is based on the principle of “like attracts like”, a person with low self-esteem is going to find it hard to attract all the good things they deserve.

Even outwardly confident people experience self-doubt, impostor syndrome and lower self-esteem at various times in their lives. So, if you are experiencing any of these feelings, know you are in good company with approximately 100% of humans!

However, using the Law of Attraction, self-esteem can be raised to new levels.

It is possible to attract the life of your dreams and feel worthy of what you receive.

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Start by Believing in Yourself

The first step is to believe in yourself.

This is a big step for someone who may not feel worthy of this belief right now.

So, it is recommended you start small and gradually build up your feelings of contentment and self-worth over time.

You can do this using methods such as creative visualization and positive affirmations.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you will resist anything good that you are trying to attract in your life.

When you respect, love and like yourself, you are sending positive vibrations out into the universe that allow you to attract those things in life you desire such as love, purpose, travel, wealth and health.

Remember, like attracts like with the Law of Attraction.

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9 Ways the Law of Attraction Helps Improve Self-Esteem

First, trust the process of attracting your desired life and choose to believe that you are worthy and valuable. Make this simple choice and watch how the universe responds.

Below are 9 ways in which the Law of attraction will improve your self-esteem.

  1. Allows you to dream big. A dream is the first step in manifesting the life you desire. If you choose self-love, you will feel worthy of many blessings and you will be able to dream big. The bigger you dream, the more the universe will give you.
  2. Allows you to claim your space in the world. You will be able to step out of the shadows, and you will have the confidence to live to your full potential. People around you will be surprised to see how much you are capable of. This will open many doors for you and make you more visible to the world. Be free to put your talents to use in the world and live your life purpose. Experience joy and peace in your life as you live the life you were meant to live.
  3. Gives you the courage to declare what you want. If you can express what you want to the universe and people around you, you will speed up the manifestation of your dreams. A low self-worth could prevent you from asking for what you want. If you don’t ask, the universe cannot provide.
  4. Take better care of yourself. You will find it easier to motivate yourself because you will know you deserve to have a healthy body and strong mind. It will become easy and effortless to make the right lifestyle choices. You will naturally gravitate towards doing activities that build you up and feed your soul.
  5. You will know that you deserve abundance. You will start attracting abundance into your life in many forms such as health, wealth and love.
  6. Increased emotional resiliency. You will find it easier to get through the hard times and you will have more courage to face your fears.
  7. You will attract the right people into your life. Once you start to believe in yourself, you will attract people into your life who value you, themselves, and others. You will attract people want the very best for you. They will energize you and help you adopt a positive and healthy outlook on life. You will be able to be unapologetically you.
  8. Your relationship with failure will be different. When you fail you won’t take it personally and think that there is something wrong with you every time things don’t work out, You will be able to learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off and stand up again. Self-love gives you the strength to face failure, re-frame it as a lesson learned and choose to move on.
  9. Being open to receive. Receiving means that you are willing to accept help and willing to let yourself change. This means that you will start trusting the universe and let go of your need to control everything. The ability to receive will enable you to open yourself to the countless possibilities around you.
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Believe in Yourself to Make the Magic Happen

Decide now to believe in and love yourself. You do this by declaring it.

Make a list of your strengths and positive character traits. See yourself through other people’s eyes and become aware of your capabilities and talents.

Use affirmations to reinforce your decision to love and believe in yourself.

Repetition and consistency are the key to success.

Trust the process, make the decision and enjoy the blessings that the universe is sending your way.

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